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tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2012

Running Man

The days are passing by faster and faster as we go towards the summer. Last night I woke up and felt serious pain below my right side ribs. Perhaps too much training, I figure. This Monday I did my normal back & triceps, but since the pain I felt this morning, I decided to do just running today. Pete was already in the gym pumping his humongous leg muscles. At first, I ran 15 minutes (little over 2k) and went to tell my opinions about training and life itself to Pete. Surprisingly, Pete decided that his training was finished and I went to the treadmill again. I put 40 minutes as my goal and everything went quite ok. Even though I really like hard weight training, I must say that after running I feel so much better (or so worse that it feels good) and also it feels that my lungs and heart have done some extra work. Today's total run 8.7k (55 minutes).

Pete as a front unit of human

By the way, during my "Easy Week", I went to the gym six times, here is my summary:

Monday: back & triceps + 20 minutes run
Tuesday: 46 minutes run
Wednesday: legs, stomach & shoulders + 10 minutes run
Thursday: chest & biceps + 30 minutes run (5k)
Saturday: 10 minutes cross trainer + some dumbbell exercises + 40 minutes (6.5k) run
Sunday: some minor weight training & 20 + 20 minutes run

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