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perjantai 23. maaliskuuta 2012

Anything but an Easy Week

This week was supposed to be an easy week after so called "Pump" Week and the Super Day (with the minimum time for recovery). Of course this wasn't the case. As you might believe it's so hard to put 50 to 60 percents from maximum to the bar, when you are fulfilled with the power and eager to do some training. This week I also had extra freetime and of course I found myself hanging around the gym. Fortunately, on Tuesday I went to the gym only one hour before closing time, so I decided to run on treadmill for 40 minutes, so my upper body muscles had their important day of rest.

On Wednesday Pete and I did different workouts, Pete had his biceps and stuff and I had my stomach and shoulders. Today I was on the gym on my own since mr. Pete went north, which is traditional place for meditation and bringing some spiritual clarity for us. I started today's workout with the Smith device, which must be some kind of invention of the evil. However I did my pulls on incline bench which was rather OK.

Later I sat on the scott bench for biceps curl. There was some kind of problem with the bench. Maybe loose screws or something. Anyway the whole system was twisting during the curls. After that biceps curls with the dumbbells. I felt so much power before chest press that I grabbed 22,5 kg (49.6 lbs) dumbbells. After four press I secretly changed those to 18,5 kg's (40.7 lbs).

Finally 5k on treadmill and sauna. Uhhhh...

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