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lauantai 5. toukokuuta 2012

On Eating Spree

In the Finnish culture the first of May (Walpurgis) is a celebration day for ordinary workers and the students. And if you aren't member of either of these distant for one another groups, the day offers a very good excuse for hard boozing. Pete and I are strictly against the alcohol from way back, but there is another challenge for the first of May - the carbohydrate-related traditional foods and desserts that you just can't resist.

1. Sweet mead - Beverage from viking-period. Delicious, but makes you fat.
2. Donut - 300kcal per disc!
3. Frankfurter - "that is so tiny, of course I can eat several after training!"
4. Cheesecake - actually not traditionally delicacy of May the 1st, but easy to eat after the eating-spree.
5. Another piece of cheesecake - yeah, what can I say

Well, two days ago the third day - stomach, shoulders and also some treadmill. Today chest and biceps. And 40 mins running of course.

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