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keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

Towards the Rollerblading Season

The weather at the end of May has been rather warm and sunny . Gym training is not so attractive thought if the hot and smooth asphalt is waiting. Last Monday, I started my season on rollerblades. I did 23k and everything went well. On Tuesday morning I went to the gym. Quite awful at first, but after some routines, it started to feel all right. Back and triceps were on fire even though this suppose to be so called an easy week. Actually it is quite hard to put only 50% weight to the bar, when you know that it will be nothing.

Gym training in the morning requires somewhat more warming up than normal. However, the greatest challenge is lunch time, when total tiredness is attacking. Tomorrow I'll be on rollerblades again and planning to do about 27k. The gym? Maybe later.

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