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keskiviikko 22. toukokuuta 2013

Rockin & Rollin

At the beginning of May, I started my rollerblading season. When the weather is warm and sunny enough, it is time to get your skates on and hear the call of the highway. Rollerblading, which is my main sport at the moment, btw., is relaxed, laid-back-type-of-sport. The week before last week I tried to consume 1000 exercise kcals per day for a whole week. That was a great idiotism, of course. Right after the third day I was completely exhausted and after the fourth day I practically had all the symptoms of an influenza. Nevertheless, I went all the way through. Two final days I spent on rollerblades. 100 minutes of inline skating burns approx. 1000 kcals, but it is a lot, and I mean a lot of easier than 85 minutes running for example.

Well, after that week of 7 million kcals, I listened the voice of reason and only did three major workouts during the week after. Now I am back in business again. Two days ago I rollerbladed 27k (look image below) and yesterday 18k. And there's more. Last evening I catch up with my Rautahumppa comrade Mr Pete. Together we marched towards the gym and also did some workout during all the philosophical conversations.

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