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maanantai 11. kesäkuuta 2012

Moderate Exercise

On Sunday, I walked nine kilometres in total. First 5k and then home after the gym, in heavy rain, by the way. That's rather odd, because I've always hated walking, even when other people are doing it. Well then, on Sunday I did combination of my 3rd and 4th day's workouts, since I did so much other sports last week that I went to gym only once before the Sunday. Also, I did 30 minutes running on treadmill.

Walking home in the rain
Explanations, explanations. That reminds me of my brother-in-spirit, Southern Finland's silver-tongue cherub, Mr. Pete. Pete left Rautahumppa blog's Finnish representation on not-yet-so-wide shoulders of mine. At the moment, Pete does weight lifting in the high place camp and we all are waiting to see his large muscles after his trip.

Today it would been the Boot Camp day, but I just hadn't the energy for it. That's because I did 21k on the rollerblades in the morning. So I did my typical back-triceps routine and some abs after that. I did also some chin-ups with 10 kg extra weight. I managed to do 4 x 5. So, by doing simple math, if I manage to do 4 x 8 without weights, I could manage 4 x 11, if I lose 10 kg. Maybe too simple math? Well, tomorrow, if the weather is alright, I'll go rollerblading again.

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