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keskiviikko 4. syyskuuta 2013

Season is ending too early

If you suffer the climate as we do on the northern hemisphere, you know that winter is coming. Even with these days, when the temperature is rising to 20 Celsius, a lonely inline skater might feel the first breeze of winter in his sensitive skin. I began to think that the season is closing soon and especially the cold wind is keeping me inside or with the running for next seven or eight months.

But guess what? The weather oracle is promising almost 25 C for the next four days. I'll buy that for a dollar!

Today my initial goal was to beat my record in 10 kilometres, but due the worn brake pad, I decided to go easier, but longer route. That was right decision all right. The lack of light is problem during the fall. In the evenings it is challenging to tell if there is sand on the asphalt. Today, I was very near to make close full body acquaintance with the tarmac. But anyway, I skated 25 k in one and a half hours.

BTW: While writing this post, I received showing-off sms message and photo from Pete. He's really on fire today. The muscles are developing and everything feels easy. However, he know a light engineer who's manual damage can change everything upside down. We'll wait and see.

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