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keskiviikko 18. syyskuuta 2013

County class skating moment

Last Saturday was probably the last warm day before the winter. I hope that I'm wrong. Anyway, the nice weather seduced me on the asphalt for nice 60k ride. It was my third  exercise for this season that was over 60 kilometres. But this time I decided to complete  the exercise without any rest breaks.

Everything went just as expected. The head wind was so strong that I rapidly forgot any hopes for new personal records. Nevertheless, I broke my marathon record without any true effort. I was quite exhausted after 45 k. However, my new record for 50 kilometer begins with number two. I know that I would need perfect conditions to sub-two-hour-marathon, but it is possible. Maybe not anymore during this season, though.

I started to go to the gym in the morning. At first it felt terrible for this kind of nocturnal animal. But now it seem OK. The shoulders and biceps are my main concern at the moment. Running weather behind the window is better that ever, but somehow it doesn't feel right sport for now.

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