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maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

Xmas Food Bomb

After my teenage years, I had always, always gained weight during the Christmas time. Or whatever politically discreet 'Happy Holidays' -term you like to call that two week period. Only once, about ten years ago, my whole family suffered under rather hard vomiting disease, so even I lost about 6 pounds after the Christmas Eve. There were no problem with the food, though.

Well, the last two weeks were not different at all. I like Xmas food for sure, but my severe weakness is related with chocolate with its different variations. You just can't resist the barricade made of chocolate boxes, when entering to the store.

What comes to my never ending fight against the extra calories, I just can't blame myself for not trying. I visited skating track or running route almost every day. Skating feels quite effortless at the moment and also the speed is at the same level on ice that it is with the roller blades. In previous week, I have run mostly outside except today I went to the gym and on the treadmill. My god it was hard today! My minimun is 7 kilometres and I almost halted after the first four kilometres. But I did it again. Oops!

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