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torstai 24. tammikuuta 2013

200 pounds men

Biceps in pain
Considering my relatively active training and rather low-fat diet in the last two weeks, it hasn't shown its positive results on the weight scale. Because my yesterday was a day off, today I decided to punish myself for good.

Timpa the Extra Weight
It has been a while since I trained with a good friend of mine, the one and only, The fitness-fakir of the Western Finland himself, Mr. Timpa the Extra Weight. So we went to the gym in the morning, or actully it was after 10 am, but newertheless it was morning in order to my physical abilities and inner clock. After my one mile warm-up run on the treadmill, we spent most of the time by the bench press. Today I took a giant leap into the holy union of 200 lbs brotherhood. However, Timpa made four repeats with that weight, and above all, one fellow athlete suggested to Timpa that 220 should be a piece of cake with wider grip. After some triceps and biceps workout,
I went on the treadmill for another k.

There are three lights!
But this wasn't the whole story. In the evening I went to the ice track even though the temperature was about -11°C. So it took 2-3 kilometers before my technical clothing started to operate. I was little too sudden for praising the local ice track caretakers, because today the ice was in rather bad condition. Anyway, I did my Endomondo record for Cooper on skates, now it is 3,45 kilometres and again without any extra effort.

Tiredness is increasing and speed is decreasing

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