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keskiviikko 5. syyskuuta 2012

Post-foxtrot experience

During the past days, the first breeze of autumn can be felt in the air. Afternoon was rather rainy, however in the evening the weather turned out quite sunny. Last weekend, Pete and I were having some serious foxtrot and humppa experience, the rare act of turikais-music beyond average imagination.

Therefore, immediately after the weekend I felt the powerful need to clear my mind and recover my rather sensitive mental balance to back in business. Visiting to the gym was my only choice. At first, I run 1k on the treadmill as always. Then I did some chest routines and my favourite workout, neutral grip dumbbell bench press, the one where you keep yours elbows near torso at the starting position. Because I had some pause since the last heavy training, I took a little easier than normal, but it felt quite efficient anyway.

Chin-ups or pull-ups are always a very good indicator of how your strength and anaerobic fitness has been developing. However, the grip from straight chin-up bar is rather awkward and I always prefer parallel handles if those are available. As there is only one straight chin-up bar in our regular gym I took parallel handles from lateral pull down machine and just attached it over the bar (see the picture). Despite the inclined grip the chin-up position it was so much better for me.

And 4.5k running to the end. A good post-foxtrot experience, as always.

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