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tiistai 25. syyskuuta 2012

Weekend & Gym

Last weekend was an extremely important period in our campaign in fighting against the  body fat.  Especially now when I just spent 2 days in seminar, eating more and more in every moment. In addition, Pete is suffering some kind of post-traumatic stress due to certain hard times at work. That has brought couple of extra pounds to his waist also. However, Pete called me on Friday evening and we decided to do some workout next morning.

Pete and Kettlebell closer than ever

On Saturday morning, Pete sent several SMS to me and suggested that we'd go a little bit later than agreed. Finally, we entered the gym and had privileged to do workout all by ourselves. Pete asked which day routine I had, but I told that I lost my routine paper long time ago. So Pete did some stomach and chest routines, while I did chin-ups and kettlebell, which is red flag for Pete, by the way.

Brooks Trance - fit way better than Asics and the rest
On Sunday, after serious eating in the previous evening's party, our mutual self-reproach was so enormous that we needed extra hard workout. Pete was focusing on his legs while I did some dumbbell lateral raise. However, I felt some pain in my shoulder blade area and asked Pete to perform hard karate strike to my back. That helped, but I felt that I need treadmill now. Six weeks ago I did a very good bargain, when I found my favourite running shoe model at the clearance sale. I have had five pairs of Brooks Trance's and before that two or three pairs Brooks Adrenaline's. Those Trances are really my favourite shoes. I could wear them for marathon immediately after opening the box.

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