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sunnuntai 14. huhtikuuta 2013

Constant Motion

According to my Endomondo logs, the first week of April was particularly active for me. After my work-related trip to north, I spent only a few days on my home ground before traveling even norther location. The main goal, once again, was to consume more calories than receive. That's hard goal for sure, considering the irresistible delicacies that waited me there. Traveling by train, plane or car for several hours has negative influence to my digestive system. So, I had no choice but exercise even harder.

As you see there is rather large variety of different sports in the Endomondo graphic. I even did some cross-country skiing, but I have admit that my technique needs some corrections on that area. Also alpine skiing was on the menu and everything went well. Evenings I spent with crosstrainer and on the end of the week I started my running season with 16 kilometres run.

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