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perjantai 1. maaliskuuta 2013

Eight weeks of Satisfaction

First two months of 2013 have passed fast and many of us have already forgotten what our new year's resolutions were. As always, I promised to lose some weight. Unfortunately and despite all the hard exercises, my weight remains the same. There are also good news. Decent winter and highly appreciated facilities for ice track skating makes   possible to  can continue my favorite type of traveling on ice. My total skating amount for this winter is now around 250k and usually I spend one hour or 17-18 km in one session on ice.

Running, mostly on treadmill, has been relatively frequent sport in these weeks as you can read from the screenshot on left. Also elliptical training and most surprisingly, walking are there, all right. The week without any skating or running was my sick-leave.

Today, I went to treadmill again, because both of the local ice tracks were closed, apparently due the warm weather and rain. Well, the forecast says that it's getting very very cold again. And my skating saga will continue.

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