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lauantai 19. lokakuuta 2013

Low-Carb Diet with the Mediterranean Style

I spent two last weeks on a work related trip to Dublin and Marseille. I was kind of worried how to eat reasonably and how to organize some physical exercises during a rather busy schedule.  Another worry of mine was the seasonal transformation from summer sports to the autumn ones. I was dreaming about to carry on my skating season with some nice, warm inline skate moments in Southern France. In Dublin, I had very good leisure center at my disposal. Besides the well-organized gym, there was a 21-metre pool with 29 degrees water. Even though I consider myself a below average swimmer, I managed to swim 1 k.

Despite the hard elliptical training, weekly consumption of the exercise calories is about one half of the typical summer week’s 5000 kcals. However, there is no weightlifting calculated because I don’t trust the Endomondo’s evaluation of consumption without heart rate belt.

I felt quite flattered when I was told that I look fit and younger of my age. I started to think that my endless hours on skates and in the gym are finally paying off. I found a good rhythm for eating and that's probably most important factor in whole process.

What comes to the food, the French people are really taking eating and cooking seriously.
I knew in advance that it might be hard to find low-carb food from the French cuisine. Fortunately, I got supportive company from my fellow Nordics for morning running sessions. That’s how I almost got rid of all the extra calories I ate.

Today, despite the travel tiredness I ended to the gym 
and actually spent 2.5 hours in the facility. 1 hour of elliptical training, kettlebell movements, forward & side lateral raises, dumbbell military press and pull-ups with neutral grip was on the menu. I was very happy that I was able to do some series of pull-ups with a very wide grip.

There is no reason to yearn for the past summer. Winter can come.

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